30w P.A. tampa area

im selling the newer 30w P.A. with the 3 sirens. i like it but for some reason i get ground loop. me and my friend has tried everything to fix it, when we put it on his truck to test it, it works fine, we wired it 3 different ways and no problems. i guess its something about my truck. so dont put it on an f150. im soon to be getting a 12 gallon tank, 2 380c’s and a 480c so i need the money to put towards that anyway. im selling it for $30. its not even a month old, i bought it mabye 3 weeks ago. pm me if interested.

why doesn’t anyone read before they post here…

im not just selling and leaving, dont worry. i wouldn’t take the time to registar and put up an avatar and sig for a $30 item, craigslist is much faster. so if its posts your worried about, check back tomorrow, you may be more satisfied then.

hes legit

Hey maroon platoon, Are you going to sell me the pa or what? I am still waiting on your paypal address so I can send you the money.

Sold to me…

yep, sold! gone! cobra, ima mail it out mon, thats my day off.