35 fuse??

I just installed my train horn kit model 540 and it came with two 35 fuses and i blew them out due to the wiring :mad:… I can’t find a place anywhere that sales a size 35 fuse i was wondering if i would put a 30 would it be fine to power a 400 c compressor? or do i really have to have a 35?

What do you mean due to the wiring? Does that mean you found a problem and then fixed it?

If so you could try the 30s. I forget what a 400c draws. 25-29 amps or so…
It’s worth a shot if you fixed the wiring.

yea i got the wires mixed up on the switch and put two grounds on one switch :mad: , but i solved all the problems and alll now so it should be fine all i need is the fues

The blew because i have two switches one going to the compressor and the other going to the air valve, i got the compressor up and running perfectly just when i went to switch it to the train horns nutin happened so by that time it was dark and i thought maybe i had a wire backwards and it turned out i pulled the wrong one and blew the fuses… Just to make sure i wanna ask if this is right:

On the compressor Switch (which was running til the fuse blew) The switch is a 3 prong supply, load, and ground… i ran a wire striaght from the battery to the supply and the load i ran to the pressure switch to the compressor… Heres where im lost on the horn switch which is a 3 prong aswell, To the Supply i ran the wire that i spliced from my stock horn, and for the load i ran the line from the Air Valve (that opens the valve for the train horns)… Nutin happened after i tried to blow the horns… So do i need to put a wire with a current to it in order for it to blow?

I noticed the 540 instructions call for a 30 amp fuse

You’re talking about the toggle switches right? It sounds like they’re SPDT switches.
The switch itself does NOT get grounded. To use it as a simple on/off switch you only use 2 prongs. One of which has to be the middle prong.

Bring power in (from key-on source or horn source) to the middle prong.
Send power out (to trigger wire or solenoid valve) from 1 other prong.

Hope that helps.