400c vs 480c...

Hello :slight_smile: (I’m new, so hello to everyone ;)…)

Ok, I’m almost ready to buy the 540 or the 548 kit…

60$ more for the 548 with the 480c viair…

So I want to know what you recommend… I will probably put it in my truck or in a box on my truck-bed… (I would like to put it inside (because I don’t want to buy a 300$ alum. tool box… But does it really sound “loud” (the compressor) ?..

And between the 400c and the 480c … ??? I don’t know … I want one that will pump at 110psi to 150psi fast… But tell me what should I do :wink:

Thank You

Sorry for bad English (hahha I,m from Quebec):D:o

The 400C is the faster compressor, but I believe the 480C is a 200psi compressor…

ok so I will go with the 400c (thx)

But what about the sound, if I put my compressor inside my truck…

Ask Lance… he’s the Viair Guru… But I think if you are only running 150 psi, then the 480 is faster than the 400 and the 480 is 100% duty cycle.

I would go with the 480. As for putting it in the cab, I would find a different alternative. They would be loud and aggravating in the cab. You can always find a good used toolbox on craigslist for dirt cheap. Or mount it to the frame rail and remote mount your filter.

The 480 is faster than the 400c? I was told the 400c is the fastest…what gives?

Lol… I just ordered the 540 from “http://www.derangedchoppers.net/” shipping cost 41$ and the shipping from Hornblaster cost 150$ and more…

Omg !! I want it NOW !!


The 400C is 2.54 CFM @ 0 PSI
The 480C is 1.76 CFM @ 0 PSI

The 400C is rated to 150 PSI Max Working Pressure
The 480C is rated to 200 PSI Max Working Pressure

The 400C is 33% Duty Cycle @ 100 PSI.
The 480C is 100% Duty Cycle @ 100 PSI.

Welcome to the forum RemiNadeau2727. I’d go with the 480C’s.

The 400c are already to my way :(… Thanks for the comments…

You really can’t go wrong with the 400Cs either, unless you operate them over their rated pressure or duty cycle. They’re fast litter suckers, and that’s why I have two of them on my daily driver. They’re my favorite unit because of their speed.

Lance knows what he’s talking about so I’d say your ok with the 400Cs.

I have dual 400c’s on my truck and it fills my 5Gal tank pretty quick…

42 seconds from 110-150 psi… at least that’s the time I get with my system, with the same setup.

I used a 420c and a 480c on my setup. The 420c is the 400c with a bigger leader hose.