444c dual pack into single Tee?

Due to tight mounting room on my frame rail, it’s gonna be tough to get each leader hose plumbed directly into a tank port.

Will I have any issues running both leader hoses into a 1/4 brass Tee fitting, then running another leader hose (w/o check valve) from the Tee to the tank?

Curious about hampering fill rates or possibly having the check valve cancel each other out (if there is such a thing)

Two into one via a T fitting works well. I’ve been running that for years.

Are you also running a single line from the Tee to the tank?

I ordered a Viair 1/4 leader hose (no check valve) to run from the Tee to the tank.

I’ve got a single male T to dual female. The T is threaded straight onto the tank.
Have a look at the “Install” link in my signature - you’ll see a photo of it