495C Now Available @ Hornblasters

Holy big Fed-Ex Truck of Air Compressors!

They’re here, We have them, we have them long before anyone else will hae them, once they’re gone, they’re gone for a long long time, Shaun’s already got his , and I have 4 other orders placed for them too. Which means there’s 8 left. These things are SICK!
$389.95 1/2 Horsepower. Crazy CFM, and the thing looks awesome.


Only 8 left… rock on brotha’ !!

Does the $20 come with it?


Looks nice… I’ll wait for the 1/2 price sale, hahahahaha


Buy your own today!


I just referred you and this model to a customer who said he had to support a wife and 5 sons so he couldn’t afford ours…lol.

Is this the guy that called me today?
If so, I turned him towards a 450C so he could save a few dollars… he was only going to use it to 150 PSI on a 2.5 gallon air tank…

7 left. The first one is on a brown truck to me.

I’ll bet it is, I told him to consider the 380C or the 400 series and to call you or Hornblasters specifically because of the 495C being released.

Awesome… I’m looking forward to some feedback on the new pumps…

send me a free one and ill give u all the feedback u need! :smiley:


You’ve got to be WAY more creative than that! Do you know how many times I get asked for free pumps in a week? :eek:

Honestly, none of these will likely be sponsored for some time.
They need to sell, especially since we spent so much time in development on them…

sounds familiar, everybody wants a sponsor!

dan, how bout u send me a free oasis so i can sell it and get some money to buy a viair 490! lol jk

If you got a freebie, why in the world would you want to sell it? You could literally blow the doors off your competition.

I’ll be sure to ship one out right away - :rolleyes:

We’ve still got some very fine hard working bling packing air power for sale for the best price! hit us up!

There you go, listen to Matt!