5 Horn Train Horn & Valve

Hi Everyone,

I am pretty new to the whole train horn thing and this forum, so please ignore my ignorance. I have a set of train horns (not sure the model) that I am interested in selling along with a air valve.They are in great condition and work great! Any information in these that you have I would appreciate. I know about what these are worth, but am open to offers for anyone interested in the setup. I live in Oklahoma City.

Thank you for your time/help :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. I’m not that familiar with horns but my guess is it’s some configuration of a P5 and they appear to be in good condition but I can’t afford anything right now.

Firstly, welcome to the forum, but can I ask, how can you not know what they are, yet still seem to know ‘what they are worth’?

Don’t take it the wrong way, but if you’re serious about selling here without having any prior history on the forum, it may be helpful if you can explain the circumstances of how you came to own a set of horns like this.

I knew someone would say something about why I made that comment so let me explain what I was meaning to say. Im not totally clueless on the price ranges of train horns of this quality (the brand and how many horns it has along with the valve) so I was just trying to say that I’m not looking to give these away, but rather find them a home where someone can appreciate them more then me.However, I am not familiar with the exact model and year of these. Im not a train horn expect my any means. I joined the forum to not only learn and meet new people, but to maybe find someone that truly wanted these.

Now on the story on how I got them. These were my grandfathers and he had used them for quite awhile. He passed away about a year ago and I inherited these beautiful train horns. I really do not have anywhere to use them like they deserve to be used or even display them, hence the reason why I’m looking to find them a new home .

Thanks for the welcome , and look forward to learning!

Well… your grandfather kept them in very good condition, or otherwise restored them. It’s a P5 Nathan Airchime - a very sweet sounding horn. More info, direct from the manufacturer here:

In absolutely perfect condition they will tend to sell for around 600-800. If they have a tag they might be worth more.

The valve is a Graham White 353-100, which is as good as it gets for manual air valves. Yours looks like it’s been left out in the rain for a while, but they are extremely hardy and parts are readily bought.

If you don’t have any takers here, then you could also try selling via the Horn & Whistle board (do a google) because its probably the largest community of collectors, but be aware that people are very wary of ‘unknown’ sellers over there.

Unfortunately there’s been quite a few occasions where people have come onto forums just to sell stolen goods. Most collectors will therefore tend to buy only from other collectors they know, but there’s still plenty of folks outside of that circle who trade them. Ebay or Craigs list might be your best option.


Contact me with a price we maybe interested.


If you are interested I am willing to sell the setup for 750$ shipped


They have been listed on eBay.


Good luck!

Those look very nice!

I gotta ask a stupid question… I know you said ignore your ignorance as you are not an expert… and your grandfather had them and passed, (I’m sorry).
Why does your ebay auction list repainted and rebuilt if you do not know anything about them?