500 for Installation?!?

OMFG, I called a local place that does aftermarket stuff and they want 500 bucks to install my train horn. That seems outrageous to me so wanted to ask you guys your opinion.

Sheesh! I dunno sounds a little steep, but I’m a tightwad.
Are there any places in your area that mess with air suspensions?

$300 to $450 is about right, so yeah it seems a bit steep.

Got anyone in your area that does aftermarket part time, or maybe even a charter school that has automotive classes that you can “donate” the build to?


You can do it yourself with basic tools. Its really a straight forward process. You can do it!

Its the wiring part that scares me. I am going to mount the tank and compressor to a quarter inch piece of ply board and put rubber on the bottom to keep it from sliding and stick that under my bed cover on top of the bedrug and that should secure it. Then run the wires out the factory grommet to underneath the truck. I am going to mount the horns to a 24x24 piece of sheet metal and stick that where the spare tire was. Then its the running of the wires and drilling poop into my dash that I am totally lost on. Relays and fuses and tapping into fuses boxes and splitters and all that… I have no idea at all.

It really isnt bad, i thought it was a huge task when i installed my shockers. Took me 2 days lol

HB directions are very good, just follow the diagram and you will do fine, just ask us if you need any help.

We can help you through everything, but if the wiring is the scary part, do the rest and have a shop do the wiring.

I am one of those guys that needs to see a picture of it and it say, now connect this red wire here and show a picture of here. Then connect this wire to this, and show a picture of this. Now run this wire thru this hole and wire this to switch, etc.

I will probably do just that, install the parts I can and then take it a local car audio place that only charges 45 per hour to actually “connect” it all.

Where in NC?

^^^ yeah where in NC?? I own a performance shop 15 miles north of Charlotte… I do all sorts of custom stuff and can take care of anything needed if your local to my area…

There is only one way to learn…Wiring is pretty simple…I put a manual valve in my truck just because that is what I prefer.I like to be able to control the flow of air to my horns as opposed to wide open or off.But the valve requires mor airline and therfore more work…

East of Raleigh, Rocky Mount, NC

Anyone have a parts diagram that tells me what is included with this damn horn set? I got a ton of stuff but there is no materials list with an image or something so I don’t know what is what.

I saw your other thread - did you get the Hornblasters K3 kit? Did you get the instructions?

Instructions yes… got the HornBlasters Conductor’s Special Model 540 Train Horn Kit

Anyone in So*Cal Orange County area… I got my GF the Conductors special 540 and need some advice on mounting locations she drives a 2012 jeep patriot. And needs space in the back for her service dogs. So not to sure where to hook everything up in. (Places iv called around me off HB website also range around $500)

You might try Outlaw Offroad in Santa Ana or American Overland Expeditions in Laguna Hills. You might also try air suspension installers like Mac’s Springs in Highland.

Most deff will check them out thanx for the 411. Will let you know of results

Some industrial Velcro May work better than rubber if you have a bedrug. $500 seems about right. A full install your looking 4-5 hours. At $75/hr (average around here) your looking at $300-$375. Plus wire, connectors, and other misc stuff they would use…

As others suggested install yourself and just have a shop wire it.

Most deff, currently having my K5LA installed on my F150. Thinking about mounting a roof rack on the patriot. There is absolutly no room under the jeep or engin compartment. For the shocker XL horns. Where there is a will there is a way. Slowly but surly will figure this out.