540 kit

Thinking about getting this setup, but the more I read on here, I am wondering if it is the way to go.

Should I get a bigger tank or add an additional one?

Are all the airlines sufficient for best performance?

Will the compressor be enough if I added another tank?

Are the K3 horns worth the extra 600 bones if I went that route?

also, are the kits the same with the exception of the horns, they both say 540.

Thanks all for any input.

If its your first kit your getting , even the smallest of shocker kits will amaze you and give plenty of entertainment… But after having it for a while and running out of air, hitting the button and hoping for my volume / sound it gets addicting quick.

Best bet is to go with the biggest system you can afford right away. Or else you will be upgrading and redoing your setup multiple times… like i have :wink:

I first started off with knockoff brand siege engineering horns, then i went to the shockers which i still have hooked up to my alarm, I also had the psycho blaster which was awesome, but i wanted more… So now i am installing a K3LA…

As for compressors and what they can handle , general rule is 5 gal. per compressor… Mainly for warranty purposes…

Would the conductor 540 handle the additional Psycoblasters? Those things sound crazy. And would adding another 3 gallon tank be to much for the compressor? What happens to the compressor, does it over heat?

Thanks for all the input, it was really helpful.

psychos hardly use any air at all. so it would handle them fine. I have a 5 gallon tank and 480c and am super happy with it. I have the shockers and psychos as well