8 trumpets

Hi guys I am a newbie to the site. I have a 98 explorer with a siege engineering Kong that has been very good to me. Im pretty much the only one anywhere around my area with one and have some bad a$$ scare stories too but thats for another time. I have been browsing this site for awhile and now I have a few questions. I am picking up a new dually next month and I want to do a set-up similar to the guy on here version7 has. 8 trumpets 1/2 line the whole works, question is I have room should I go with more than a 5 gallon tank. and should I use two solenoids or one with equal length lines, as 4 trumpets will be on one side of the truck and 4 will be on the other, Thanks for the help guys and Happy Holidays.

well about the tank yes go with a 5 gallon or bigger i have a 5 gallon air tank with a viair 480c compressor and it works great of course i only have 4 trumpets s4 from www.hornblasters.com (those are the poop bro trust me) but yeah u get a 5 gallon or bigger, you can buy it from www.hornblasters.com

If you have the room always fo for more air, i have a little less than 5 gallons and its works ok for me. as for the valves if you want to spend the extra and run 1/2 line 2 2 sets with 2 1/2 valves that would prolly be better but one valve has worked just fine for me

If you need any close up pics of how i have mine plumbed let me know

version seven, how much is the diffrence from one set of shockers to 2 sets? i hve been pondering about getting one or two more sets of shockers to add to my existing set, just wondering is it louder? or jjust deeper? give me an opinion,

theres pretty good difference but if you use the same valve for both sets you HAVE to use a high flow 1/2 valve and 1/2 airline i was useing 3/8 line and 1/4 valve when i first got it and they were quieter than one set

i could do a 5/8ths air line with 2 5/8 inch solonoids one on each set that would probaly be the best way…

I will probably need some pics soon I am picking up the truck tomorrow so its just a matter of time before the horns get installed.I was thinking of going with a 8 gallon tank it is slim enough to fit under the cab and not be seen. The one hornblasters sells is only rated to 150 psi I am for sure going to be operating at 200. has anyone stretched the limits on one of these tanks?Thanks for all the help guys its appreciated!!

i’m pretty sure my tank is only rated for 150 psi but i’m ruing 200 psi most any dot tank that is rated for 150 psi is going to have a higher rating that what the specs say just for “safety” but i’m not recommending it =P

every tank is rated at a certain psi…but its really x2 that. my firestone tank is rated at 200psi and its total psi limit is 375psi…

If you get time shoot me a pic or two of how you did your plumbing send to vaclassiccars@yahoo.com. what brand of valves are you using? Thanks,David