95 Cadillac Deville from West Palm Beach, FL

Hey guys i own a 95 Deville with 3 sets of horns on it. Ive been a hornblasters fan for a long time and im looking to get a real train horn soon. Im glad to finally see a train horn forum! Heres some info on my car

Videos: http://youtube.com/user/zDLiGeRzErO

Mods List: Flowmaster 80 muffler
Dual Camaro Tips
17" BIGG Black Rims
6K HID Conversion Kit
Driving Lights in the Grille
Added Lower Grille
5 Trumpet Train Horn
24" Peterbuilt Horn
4 Trumpet Air Horn
5 Gallon Tank
Viair Compressor
Custom CAI
Premier deck /w Zune hookup
600w Alpine V-Power Amp
2 12" Alpine Type-E

nice car man!
welcome to the forums

Nice Car, Now u been a set a K5LA’s

Nice setup’s

im in the market for a real train horn :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments guys

I swear that car was mine. I have you had it since new?

nope i bought it about a year ago, but when i got the car it was completely stock. i put all the mods on

Yep, it was blue when it was brand new. thought the blue was gay, also had a vynal top and got it painted that color…where are your switches?

then i got this…

Did not like it so i decided to get a new one, now a box stock DTC with the supercharger option.

i want the new STS!! but itll never happen…lol

My grandpamobel will walk all over a STS and an STS-V dealer instaled procharger. with high-flow exhaust, but still sounds stock.

nice cadys, the dts is by far my favorite one
i put my switches on my door

u cant compare apples and oranges bro…
if ur car is modified like that well ya it’ll walk over a stock sts v…

but coming from the factory a stock sts v will murder a stock dts… thats cuz the stock sts v 470hp and the dts has 292hp…

Dealer instaled, Therefor it is stock. ALSO any V package is Dealer Instaled, So therefor they are oranges. Yeehaw, Very nice clean instal. DTS with preformave package is 320…Just fucking with ya. but honestly they are both oranges. mine is a V package with out all the fancy stuff. just the go no show.

i gotta see it next time my cadillac forum has an orlando meet

Would love too.

That’s a great install. I’ve never seen someone do a switch there before. Fits right in with all the other ones:cool:

u have no idea how much of a pain in the donkey it was to get the wiring to the door…