97 Camry With K3LA? Where?

I am almost sure I want to get the k3la hornblaster kit rather then there 4 horn cheap horn kit. Before I shell out the big bucks, I want to make sure it fits. Anybody have any ideas of where to mout them on a camry. I was going to put them on my truck, But I think It would be even more funnier to have them on my little camry. Inclosed is where I want to put them. This picture is already posted on this website but I have inclosed. My question is, Do you think the K3LAs will fit between the radiator and bumper as well. Also Does anybody have any other advice on istalling and making sure that the Hornblasters kit is the way to go.

Note: That is not my car but somebody elses where they put the 2 horn hornblaster kit on. Its a reference picture to so where i want to put the K3La’s. I have the exact same car.

Thats awfully tight spot.