A ? about Heat

Got a question. Looking at the HornBlasters Conductor’s Special Shocker S4 Train Horn Kit with HornAir 240 2 Gallon Air System. The question I have is about heat.

Looking to mount this kit in a 2000 VW Beetle. I have a place where I (think I) can mount the compressor (inner fender well right front). The tank I’ve resigned will have to be mounted in the interior :mad:.

The horns… aaaaaaa… these are going to be hard. I have more then enough room for them on the firewall. My concern is heat from the engine. There is about 8" btw the firewall and the exhaust manifold. This would be perfect as the horns will be pointed downward blasting out from under the car.

However with the horns being ABS I’m not sure if they will hold up to the heat. And the horns themselves will hold up to the heat what about the internals of the horns (diaphrams, etc). I could fabricate a “heat shield” to kind of block some of the (direct) heat coming off the engine/manifold but how much this will help I’m not sure.

Any thoughts.

that would be a question for one of the hornblaster’s guys… they recommend 4" away from the exhaust

i think ur horns will be fine!