A couple of stories, some involve police....some involve livestock

I’ve been building up plenty of stories to share, and I seem to get a good reaction from folks when they ask me in person about my experiences…so I figured I’d finally share some on here.

First, I’ll tell my setup…to get a good base for everyone. I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer SS…if you ask me, its the last vehicle someone would suspect having train horns, so I’m sort of “stealth”. I have a set of Nathan P3’s, Hornblasters 5 gallon tank, Vaair 450c compressor, and SMC 1/2" nickel valve. Here is a quick cell phone video of a blast under my favorite underpass…


Also, I am sure my tag will get me into some attention I don’t want one day…but most of the local LEO’s love it. The only bad reaction I’ve had to it is from Highway Patrol.

1st story - the cow

This was back when I had my setup on my 2007 Tundra. I was at Virginia Internation Raceway with a buddy, shooting a race. There was an hour break, so we hit the road into Danville, VA…for some food. I was heading up 62, and just crossed the Dan River. It is a very rural 2 lane road, and 55mph. I look ahead and see a black cow in the road. Mind you, this cow really appears to be the size of my Tundra. A car coming from the other way has stopped about 100 feet on the other side of the cow, and the cow is just standing in the road like “wtf are you going to do?”. I was rolling around 3mph, and looking around. The road was elevated from the pasture the cow came from…probably 10 feet. Along side of the road, there was a 45 degree grade…down to the barbed wire fence. The fence was intact, so this big cow had jumped the fence. I got just beside the cow, it was 5 feet to the left of my truck. I merely tapped my button for the Nathans, just enough to get a half of a chime. The cow wigged out, his front feet washed out when it panicked, and his head was on the ground…oven in the air. I feared it was going to run into the truck…so I sat there clinching my butt cheeks together…but then he sprinted down that grade and over the fence like there was some sort of marathon with a billion dollar prize. Any judges would have surely held up score cards of 9.8 or higher…it was near flawless. We still laugh about that one.

2nd story - the police

Between my job and my friends, I know alot of LEO in my area. I’ve been waiting to catch some of my LEO buddies off guard, to introduce them to the P3’s. One particular night, I went out to eat with a friend. She knows even more LEO’s in one particular local city, since she works EMS. We were done with dinner, and heading back to my house. Before we left the parking lot, I spotted one of the city police supervisors vehicles running in the open area of the parking lot. We hopped in the SS, and rode over there. I circled the vehicle, but it was dark out (around 10pm). I couldnt tell if it was one of my buddies or not, so I proceeded to roll my window down. All I can see is a white male, on the cell phone…but can’t see the face. Before I can get my window down all the way, I say to my friend “I can’t tell who that…”

[trainhorns] INSERT NATHAN P3’s AT 150 PSI, FOR ABOUT 4 SECONDS [/trainhorns]

I turn to her, and my jaw is dropped…and she is about to pee on herself, she is laughing so hard. Apparently she recognized the officer immediately, but didn’t tell me. So the officer hungup his cell phone, got out of his vehicle (as did we), and just said “holy f’ing shitballs that is loud, and that is awesome”. I was a bit relieved…and now know another supervisor LEO in a local agency. :smiley:

After shooting the poop for about 10 minutes, he asked us if we had anywhere to go in the next 10ish minutes. We both didn’t have anything important pending, so we hungout. The officer got on the car to car channel and asked for backup in the parking lot we were in…for a DUI traffic stop (me). He pulled his vehicle behind mine, lit me up…and told us to get out of the truck when he asked us to. The officer to check in with him arrived, and he got her to stand at the drivers rear side of my vehicle, exactly where the Nathans point. He said “sir I need both of you to exit the vehicle please”. We got out, he leaned into my truck, and zapped the button. It looked like that officer had been tazed…she tensed up so tight a vein popped out of her forehead. She immediately got back into her patrol car, and left. She obviously wasn’t happy, but I think she peed on herself…honestly.

Three minutes later another officer pulled up, the first had already left. I knew this officer, so did my friend…so we had to leave the hoods up on our hoodies when we got out of the truck. Once that officer was in place by my truck, the SGT reached into my truck again and blasted the horn. I looked up and saw a blur…that officer lowered his height about 8 inches, and sprinted faster than I have EVER seen anyone sprint. He didn’t stop for about 30 yards, and he even screamed once before taking off running. I was laughing so hard, I nearly pooped my pants…he was scared out of his mind.

3rd story - another police officer falls victim

I went downtown with a friend for some dinner. The whole downtown area is historic…lots of old factories and big brick buildings, most of which now have been renovated. In other words, you can fart on the sidewalk…and it will sound at least 3 times what it was really worth. Foreshadowing is great…

We pull to a stoplight. The intersection is 4 ways, but the main road goes left to right. Parallel to this main road I am about to cross, is the main train line through the city. It is an interstate line, also alot of local trains run on it. To my left is a HUGE brick building.

Now for the good part. While sitting at the stoplight, I have my finger on the button…waiting to startle any unsuspecting folks walking around. My friend has ridden with me before, and she can’t wait to see someone crap themselves again. She looks to her right…and sees a police car coming towards the intersection. The officer is going to make a right and go the same way I want to go…which entails crossing that railroad track. As soon as she turns her patrol car at the intersection, I opened up the Nathan’s. The next thing I could hear is her transmission…she had shifted her car into reverse while it was still going ~5mph forward…then her windows were all coming down. She froze like a deer in headlights…she was 2-3 feet from the tracks. She looked left and right about 5 times, it looked like she was watching a tennis match. After realizing there was no train, she took off and disappeared. I’ll even admit, I peed a little after that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish alot more cops were like the ones in #2 lol

Good times!

Holy poop f’n awesome stories! #3 is the best…wish I could’ve heard that transmission rip lmao! Love the tag too man!

lmao thats funny… good cops there

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Thanks for the laughs