A couple Panic Button test videos

97 Land Cruiser (The LunchBox)
K3’s individually mounted (#4A facing down, #2 and #1 facing backwards)
Fed by a single 3/4 solenoid into a distribution block manifold
3 Gallon Tank


06 Scion XB (The ShitBox)
K3’s individually mounted (#4A and #2 facing down behind front bumper/#1 under trunk facing forward)
Fed by 3 separate 3/8 solenoids (one for each bell)
3 Gallon Tank


Man, the second one sounded so loud. Maybe it was just the video.

It’s all about direction

On the Cruiser, the #1 and #2 bells are facing backwards (4A facing down)

On the poop Box, the #1 faces forward and the #2 and 4A face down