A few general setup questions

I purchased the Conductors Special kit from hornblasters.com some years ago (maybe 05 or 06), and i’ve installed the kit in a few different vehicles, however none have been as functional as the 1st.

Each time I install the kit into a different vehicle I keep changing worn parts, like the wires & air hose.

The hose that came with the setup was 5/16", so I went to lowe’s and purchased another 5/16" OD, however it’s a lot thicker walls, meaning less air flow. Will this significantly affect the sound of the horns and make them less loud? I’m not sure what PSI the hose should be rated, but the last one I tried was only 55, and I know its more than that, so I just went back and got one thats 155psi.

The compressor that came with the kit is the Viair 280c, i’m not sure what size the air tank is, but i’ve attached a picture below.
How long should it take to charge this tank to full compression? If there is a weak connection in the 12guage wire will that cause the compressor to get less power, and thus taking longer to fill the tank? The last time I timed it, it took over 13 minutes before it shut off, which might have actually been the safety.


Fully installed everything and ran the new 155psi tubes. Unfortunately they’re a little smaller OD size, so when I went to sound them, it popped off at the exit of the air valve, so I tried to repair, but then the other end popped off in my face, releasing the pressure very fast, and scaring the hell out of me. lol
I guess my only option is to purchase the tubing from the website, since I can’t find any place that will sell it locally.

Use D.O.T airbrake tubing, it can be found at any industrial parts supplier or heavy duty repair shop.

or call hornblasters they sell all sizes by the foot.

ya what se7en said u can buy the air line from horn blasters shipping is not cheep though. I dont use that crappy dot line its hard as a rock and you cant bend it at all, and only available in in a few sizes and there all od sizes instead of id.

I just go to the local hard where store and they usually sell hose by the foot get some 1/4in id (inside diamater) and some barb fittings and hose clamps to clamp the hose on tight. be sure to check the pressure rating on the hose if its listed. I know lowes has some 1/4id air hose rated for 200 psi thats what I use on my semi horn.

as far as the compressor 12 gauge sounds small for that compressor. keep in mind it is a small compressor so it should take longer. but it should say how many amps it pulls on the sticker. hear is a chart I took from some websight

so say it pulled 20 amps and it went 20 feet (+ and - cable combined) you would need a 8 gauge wire

now that I think about it 12 my be right (but still check) im just used to 4 gauge for my compressor

check your auto parts store for tubing as well

Viair told me on the phone that a compressor will take longer to fill up when the internals become worn. Maybe yours is starting to wear out? You can buy rebuild kits for them on their site though.

Awesome, thank you all for your help.

If I use the barb fittings, wont that limit the amount of air as well, since the barb goes inside the tube and makes a smaller hole?

I will head to lowe’s tomorrow and see what I can find,
Thanks again

I dont think so it would be just by a hair if it did. (hose stretches around it) the 1/4in id hose will be way bigger id than that dot stuff. I use 2 hose clamps on each connection I dont know if the 2nd one helps (hard to get 2 on a barb) but I do it any way

The I.D. of a barb shouldn’t be much less than the designated hose I.D.
The hose has to expand to fit over it.

Another thought: If you’re buying new hose & barbs - you could step up a size.

that conductors special I think thats the 4 piece plastic buel. that connection only has a 1/8in fitting going into the splitter. witch is equal to a 1/4in id hose so any bigger would be pointless especially if the silonide has 1/8 fittings.I dont know what size the air silonide (sorry cant spell it) fittings are. I found a used set on ebay cheep and it did not come with it.

in order to go bigger you would have to replace the splitter witch would not be hard but there is a chance you would be giving the horn to much air.

just to be clear a 1/8in fitting and a 1/4in id hose have the same inside diameter