A friendly reminder to ride on the cyclepath, not the road.

Ahhh, It’s wonderful how loud air can get if its massaged in just the right way. The horns have claimed their first cyclist this morning. Poor chap must’ve been on the way to the Tour-de-France when we happened to cross paths. Decided to give him a friendly toot to see him on his way.

I was rewarded with a slight quiver of the handlebars, some verbal Yellage which strangely I failed to make out, and a fingered salute which must’ve meant “Ahoy there”.

Oh these things are great… not nearly loud enough but just great.

I’m saving up a set of K3’s!

go big or go home! make k3 your first choice :slight_smile:
then he’ll fall off his bike from the sound wave
still funny tho

That makes a good case for riding mountain bikes…hahaha

ya ive made guys fall off bikes with my k5… its fn funny!!

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its the law to ride bikes on the road. They are to obey the laws just as any car would (not that they all do) unless there is a bike path, in which case they are supposed to use that.

^^listen to this man, he’s a hardcore biker

I had a guy cut me off on a bike once. I’ll bet he never does it again too! He turned and looked at me while he proceeded to cut me off. That is when I hit my k5s, while he wasn’t watching what was in front of him. He jumped and his handle bars went to squiggling around… It was the funniest damn thing. My wife laughed her oven off!

lol. If you honk at me while I am on my bike I would just honk my bicycle Shocker S4’s right back at you!


People on bicycles always get a nice honk as I go by.

Bicycles are fine I guess, but DON’T HONK AT MOTORCYCLIST! I was riding my Ninja into another county to sell, so I had my friend follow me in my trucklet and of course he couldn’t resist but to blast me a few times. The first time, thank god I was stopped at a light, because I nearly shat myself by my own horns. With the helmet on, the horns aren’t loud, but you can feel the sound waves hit your body and that is NOT a natural feeling when you’re on 2 wheels.

Oh yeah I make sure there are no motorcycles around too! Too dangerous!

I make it a point not to honk @ bicyclists (if they are driving well). Green transportation.

This is hilarious, bike on bike horning.

On a side note, and not to piss off any true bicycle enthusiasts…but ‘those’ idiot bicyclists who think they own the road, and do NOT obey traffic laws…is the sole reason I put the P3’s on my truck. We have a large enough amount of idiots on the roads these days in cars…we don’t need to add to the mess with bicyclists who can’t follow proper traffic laws either.

Again, no harm/no foul to the bicyclists who do as they as supposed to on the roads…no problems sharing with them at all. And for the record, even though the bicyclists are who motivated my installation, I still have yet to honk one. Kind of weird…

That is weird with gas prices so high. You’d think there would be a lot more of those idiots on the road.

soon if gas gets 5 buck a gallon or more

haha There was this guy in Galveston, that was riding his bike in the road when there was an empty sidewalk right beside him backing up traffic.
I couldn’t help my self, I laid on the horn and it scared the SHH outta him haha. He got over on the sidewalk and flipped me off. IT WAS GREAT!
I didn’t myself and all the other drivers a favor.ThANK YOU AIRCHIMES!

cyclist ride the road bc its safer than the sidewalk… just sayin haha.

Cyclists ride on the road because the sidewalks are for pedestrians…I believe it’s the law. Cyclepaths are different. Just sayin LOL

people don’t see you when you ride on the sidewalk, when there is a bike lane-ride on it. if not, ride on the road. haha