A new cheap way to record scares by yourself

I recently got tired of trying to hold my camera during scares with the PA or when im racing with my new silver bullet :slight_smile:

So i decided to find a way to mount a digital camera or a larger video camera without holding it or having someone else hold it. I had the idea to make a camera mount and hang it off the headrest on my passenger seat. So I came up with this. I might possibly make these and sell them, as i have never seen something like this before.


pics or ban… lol

I second … LOL!

Not if I ban you first! I’ll get some pics possibly tonight

would like to see aswell cant wait.

a pic has been added

I built one pretty much exactly like that… It’s very cheap to do… Got all the stuff I needed online.

Where did it gooooooooo?

The pic is in my first post, the camera is picking up road vibration from the tires and screws up the sound. I need to find a way to deaden the vibration

joo is lucky foo. I waz gonna lay teh hamma :smiley: lol looks good mayne

my only problem is most of my scares come from the side or behind… i just wish i had one way to cover all the views around my vehicle

Buy 10 cameras.

just buy the GoProHD camera…comes with a suction cup mount…all the racing people use it…u can go 250mph and it wont fall off…

train horn scares at 250mph, cant wait to try. haha

LMAO nice catch!

get a 8’ fiberglass CB antenna and tape a camera to the top with a cirvo from an RC car so you can use a remote control to turn the camera lol

You could get one of those Eyewitness cameras like they use in Police cars…


Just get one of the sony webbie cameras that come with a lense adapter to film a 360 view

heres a video taken with one


now thats wicked!

omg never knew they made something like that nice :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: