A new look

So due to some unfortunate events this happened.

I was on a small one lane backroad in Colorado and the roads where snowy and icy. The snowplows plowed way off to the side so it looks like you have more road than you really do. Next thing I know Im sliding off the road and in a ditch…Took out a road side pole too. Got so much snow up in the engine bay that is threw the belt and started to steam as it melted. The damage is actually minimal. Busted bumper and dented hood is the worst of it. Everything else is pretty cheap to replace.

I decided to just remove the bumper and cut the grille assembly off to bolt back one while I wait on parts. This will give you a good idea of where my horns are actually mounted.

Ouch! Luckily the horns are ok.

I’m glad it looks worse than it is. I love that mount location and would have mounted there, myself, if I didn’t have a WARN hidden winch carrier and 9.5k WARN winch in that same spot. :slight_smile:

Something else ill mention is if anybody is in an accident that it seems to be just body damage, and you are considered at fault, don’t call your insurance until you know the damage is higher than your deductible. If you do call and start a claim they will probably tell you that your premium will go up even if they don’t pay anything to repair it…and they will say once the claim is started they cant delete it if the costumer says forget it. Had this conversation yesterday. F’ing hate insurance companies.

Yup! Those bastards are ruthless. We discovered a similar issue once. The wife had two incidents where her car was hit whilst parked (no fault of her own, wasn’t even in the car). When I renewed my insurance one year and added her onto the policy, the premium shot up. After much debating, a nice chap on the phone admitted that my wife had something like a “bad luck” flag against her name and therefore came up with a higher risk profile in their system.

Their whole business is based on computerised algorithms I suppose. There’s no personal service aspect left in this industry.

Damn that sucks, I love your tahoe still haha