A question on the K3s

I already have horn blasters construction special on my 2016 ram sport. I am considering going with the K-3’s. How much louder are they compared to what I have now.

That is going to depend on the air quantity. The K3’s are going to need a lot of air for the bells to start sounding, and to keep sounding. If you are using the same air tank and pump as the kit you got your other horns in, I am willing to bet it isn’t going to be able to do much with some K3’s. Although I am not familiar with that particular Hornblasters kit, it could well produce enough air to be efficient. Maybe someone else is familiar with that kit and can vouch whether or not you’ll have the air you need.

I have a 5 gallon tank with a 150 psi pressure switch. The compressor is a Vieira 440. I also will be using 1/2" Air line.

I started mine with the Air Zenith OB2 and 5 gallons. It takes a bit to fill, so you’ll need patience or another compressor.


Should be fine with what I have my main question is are the K-3 that much louder than horn blasters XLs. If I find out I need more honk time I may jump up to the 8 gallon tank.

K3’s are roughly 154 db, so technically louder than a jet engine, which is supposed to be 140 db.

So yeah … WAY louder!


Thay should be arriving Thursday. Can’t wait to get these booked up to see how loud they actually are.

I’d highly recommend at least 10 gallon tank, two compressors and 150PSI. I’m running my K3’s with a 12 gallon tank, two 444c compressors, 5/8 ID airline, tank pressure at 175PSI regulated down to 135PSI with manual graham white valve and they sound LEGIT!!!