A runby with the new setup.... Nathan k3l


nothing to exciting, accept trying to piss off some neighbors of my friends lol. they started calling the cops on me for honking every once in a while, so as i left his house i would honk, and honk ALOT!!! well needless to say one day the douche blocked me in my friends driveway until the sheriff arived, threatining to take a sledge to my horns… the cop that showed up thought my setup was cool, though he had to give me a warning because they recieved over 40 calls about me in the last few weeks…


haha its funny to piss people off, my mom calls them a$$hole horns
great setup man!

my mom likes mine. she wants some on her van haha. all she needs

dayummm, how much air do you have? has to be a good 20 gallons…:eek:

honk men u were honking all the way??? that poop sounds laud nice vid ur neighbors must love u lol

its about 18 gallons, im working on getting more… ill have to take vid of my setup, i did something kind of custom, using a 1500W inverter to power an oil-less 120V 8 gallon compressor from harbor freight with a 10G expansion tank, gives me about 5 - 8 cfm… ill get some pics of my setup.

id like to have a 50G tank, but aint no way id have any kind of room for that lol

i see you have a custom k5, and video or sound of it? i bet that combo sounds sick!!!


I don’t have a great video of it yet…:frowning:

Sweet! I bet the neighbors were pissed off when you made that video!

thats soo funny lol. u got lucky with that cop

people need to lighten up and have a sense of humor. my neighbors love my train horns. we stopped by and talked to them while they were mowin the grass just to shoot the breeze and they said is that you all that have the train horns? those things sound awesome.

i agree 100%. people these days just suck. LIVE LIFE AND HAVE FUN!!!

x2 Im pretty carefull as to were I honk I dont honk at my house but i like my neighbors so im respectfull but there is an ******* down the street who everymornin pegs his gixxer 750 with no exhaust and that sh!t is loud so I do retaliate by giving him a quick blast when I pass his house every night on my way home haha. My two rules are no old old ladies with walkers and no people with babies

Holy crap!!! they are serious horns… makes mine pale into the background!!!
Will post up a vid… dont get to excited tho!!! Man I want your horns!

On the good side my neighbors gave up on calling the cops

reminds me of those people here looking for attention. they always floor it on our street in a residential area at 2am. some have loud exhausts. others just wanna let everybody know they have a turbo with blow off. one day I would like to find their house and blast a good 10 second honk early in the morning.

Haha my mom was totally against me purchasing the horns. Yesterday I left the beach early because of work, and sarcastically said “You want me to blow the horns when I leave?”, she said “Yeah” with a smile. I hit it and later she texted me “everyone turned and looked. lol!” Haha now I think she likes them.

hahahahaha… I think if I blew my horns in front of my mum (when I get them) She’d have a cadiac arrest!!! lol

Hey Tippyfreak, you got any vid footage of your horns anywhere on here? You got 240 shockers aint ya? (when they are not blowing fuses):frowning:

Haha. I bet you woke up quite a few ppl

oh man - i love your video (the first one)