A scare that they asked for!

So im driving home tonight past a police station (yes same one where i blasted ppl b4 in same situation) And there are a ton of kids (at least 75-100) out there by street with signs…
As im approaching i see volunteer fire all around and some autograph signing going on by one of the local teams mascot … So as im getting closer i cant quite make out the signs as it is raining out but i did make out the official truck driver horn honk arm motion that most of the kids were doing !!!

That all i had to see, i gave one warning blast to get there attn, heard lots of screams, :eek: then a lot of cheers!! :stuck_out_tongue: Then i just open the valve full and blasted right down the line!! Kids were screaming , cheering , honking, lol… I just hope no popowas present and disliked my approval for there cause… whatever that may be anyway, hahaha :wink:

nice. I don’t see how kids know ya’ll have horns. Nice nonetheless.

thats hilarious lol nice scare bro

The kids were doing the universal horn honk sign to all the cars… :wink:

and they just got a little more than they were expecting! lol

You were at the right place at the right time. What more can you ask for??


Epic win.

thats awsome i like scaring the kids that do carwashes for their causes its a blast

I’ve honked for …

I’ve honked for pro abortion protestors, anti abortion protestors, Loving Jesus, Girlscouts, Firemen, Valets, Parking attendants, drive thru employees and my favorite convertibles. all who’ve given me the Universal Horn Honk Sign… I think we just came up with the next Hornblasters T-Shirt right now…

hahah yes! id sport that one

nice silvy sir its
cool wean kids
like wean you honk
i had a chance to
do so my self at
a tracter pull near
my house thars a
vol fire deapartment
named boring on
my road and wean i
whas driving by the
train went thrue a
bunch of kids wear
doing the honking
singel well be for
the train showd up
at the crossing they
got both the train and the S4 lol :smiley:
thay screemd and
cheerd and ask for

WIN! These should be made…