About the Terms Of Use in the wanted section

I just have one question about it. This was stated somewhere in there, and I quote:

"Do not attempt to sell or request anything illegal. This includes anything prohibited by law, stolen, or associated with/encouraging of illegal activities.

Don’t those videos on the hornblasters site encourage illegal activities (i.e.- scaring unsuspecting people with horns that are over the legal sound limit). Just checking…

And ban me or suspend me if you like, but public forums usually welcome debate of some kind.

x2^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This doesnt feel like a puclic forum sometimes

You do have a good point.

PS: you forgot to end your quote >>"<< and yes I am the grammar police.:smiley:

I would think that the “encouraging of illegal activities” part is talking about STEALING… Hense the wanted section…


along with having led lights and pa’s with sirens lol

i compare it to like any US law, when it means one thing and not the other
dont sell anything like drugs or stolen items, common sense stuff