Above and Beyond

I called Hornblasters Thursday and ordered an s4 horn kit for a customer who wanted them installed on his Snap on tool truck. I talked with both Garrett and Rigo and they were both very helpful. The only day the customer could leave the truck with us was Saturday and I was calling late. Rigo told me that UPS had already came by and picked up their shipments but he would call him back to pick up my horns.

Friday morning at 10:45am the big brown truck dropped them off and we were able to install them Saturday. Mr. Snap on loves his horns and thanks to you guys he didn’t have to wait. That kind of service is rare these days.

Thanks again Hornblasters


Hornblasters has been one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Whatever you all are doing, keep it up. I as a customer greatly appreciate it.

That snap-on truck install looks sweet

Thanks alot Rico! We really appreciate the accolades! I just now saw this post lol. I’ll let Rigo know so he can chime in. That install did look very clean. Glad to do business with you.