I am going with a Grover 37 and 34 inch semi horn for my car but don’t know what and where to get the right tank, compressor, hoses (length of them for installing underneath the car), solenoid (If I need one, not sure if you do or not), toggle switch, and air gauge. I know horn blasters has great tanks and compressors but I don’t know where to get all of the other accessories to make the horns work. Can anyone direct me to a site that has most of what I need to install a horn to my car?

I’m new to this so flame me all you want :smiley:

were not a flaming forum to the newbies…
but horn blasters sells airline, solenoids, gauges… everything u need! and for simple stuff for fittings u can go to local hardware store

HornBlasters have most of what you need. Check and see how much room you have before choosing an air tank/compressor. You’ll need everything a train horn installation needs.

Alright thanks a lot guys. Other forums flame me :stuck_out_tongue:

Not here…Everyone was new to this at some point…
And hope u stick around on the forum!

Yeah if I end up going through with this I def. will. I was thinking about going with the 400c 150psi Viair Compressor with the 2.5 gallon tank. Just unsure of what solenoid to get now. If I get a pressure switch do I need an extra button to work the horn?

that compressor is a great compressor… get the smc solenoid… as for size bigger u go, more air flow…
and u will need a pressure switch for the compressor…but the pressure switch doesnt have any involvement over ur horn… the pressure switch is for the compressors…It fills your tank up to a the given psi then shuts the compressors off…
You have 2 ways to wire up your train horn… You can either wire the train horns up to a seperate push button switch, or wire them up to your factory horn

Also I would be able to mount this under my car right?

with two grover horns a 1/4 inch valve will be fine and just give hornblasters a call and talk to them they will set you up with everything you need!

Ok thanks again!

I have a couple of those grovers that you are talking about, you will only need about a 3gallon tank, cause the air inlet into the horns are 1/8inch

you pretty much need some kind of mechanical inclination to hook up a set of air horns. i am running a complete custom setup on my truck- ac compressor mounted to motor for air-5gal emergency air tank for a tank- the only thing bought horn related is the 3 trumpet united pacific train horn on the left side frame and the compact 2 trumpet horn on the roof. i was using a small electric compressor but it met with a quick demise due to the fact that i love to blow my train horn at people