Accident Caught on Dash Cam (Who's fault is it?!) Accident Caught on Dash Cam (Who's
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Who’s fault do you think it is? I know whenever you’re making a turn, you’re suppose to stay to the closest lane and then change lanes after you have completed the turn. Also when turning left, you’re suppose to yield to oncoming traffic. I think their insurance companies will claim 50/50.

The car turning right, they took it too wide.

I asked my cousin what would his police report look like and he said it was the Van’s fault, but just BARELY. He agreed that the Honda had the right of way, but they were BOTH wrong, because the Van was suppose to turn into lane 1, and the Honda was suppose to turn into lane 4, AND THEN carry on to the lane they want to be in. BUT whenever turning left, you must yield to ALL TRAFFFIC, even right turning vehicles ahead of you. Insurance will either drop them, or claim partial fault. I should have stopped and asked for one of their emails so I can send them this video.

ok, with the double yellow lines in the road it looked like the car was finishing his turn in opposing traffic. After a 2nd look I see the opposing traffic on the other side of the island.

It’s the vans fault!

Even though the Honda Accord took that turn too wide, they had the right of way considering they didn’t have to make a left and cross 2 lanes of traffic.

Why did they yank your account?

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