Stop with the acronyms I have to look those up everytime anyone uses more than three letters

rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off

I know i looked the poop up

lol (laugh out loud)

found this on another forum… this may be of some use to you

bbl - be back later
FHITB/A - F*** her in the butt
FS - For Sale
FTL - for the loss
FTMFW - For The Motha honkin Win
FTW - for the win (also known as honk tha world)
IBTL-In Before The Lock
IDC- I Dont Care
IDK - I Dont Know
IMO - In My opinion
IMHO - In my honest opinion (in case your regular opinion isnt honest :D)
J/P - Just playin’
J/K - Just Kidding
KMA - Kiss my donkey
LMAO - Laughin my donkey off (add F for a more “agressive” version LMFAO)
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
OBO - Or Best Offer
ROFL-Rolling On the Floor Lauging
SMH - shakes my head
TTT-To The Top
TTIUWOP - This thread is useless without pics.
TTYL - Talk to you later
WTF - what the honk
WTB - Want to buy

what’s ftw stand for?

for the win… or i guess it could mean Fuk the world

Thank you, I suspected F**k the world but it didn’t quite fit in a few places so it must have been “for the win”.

fta=f uck the acronyms

now your getting the hang of it… good job


rolling on the floor laughing my fuc*ing a$$ off peeing in my pop??? idk i give up lol

peeing in my pop?? How about rolling on the floor laughing my donkey off peeing in my pants

YES… idk version is a retard like that. probably likes the sterile taste


lol can mean “lots of luck” too.

eh laugh out loud is better. haha