Adding airbags to shocker system

I have the shocker classic 228VX kit on my 2003 F150 Harley truck. I want to add rear bags. What do I need to integrate them into the existing system?

I want either auto leveling, or manual adjustment… Just want to see what options ther are.

Others with air suspension will probably chime in soon, but I reckon you’ll be needing to upgrade that air system if you intend doing stuff like that. Consider a constant duty compressor for a start and opt for 5 or more gallons if you want to run the Shockers plus bags from the one system

I had bags on my set up & run them off a 2gallon tank set up & they worked fine, though like DBO said, a constant duty compressor would be help.

Mine are manuals.

I started with the Firestone kit, but the in cab gauge kept failing. I swapped it out with an electric valve and the AirLift Wireless AIR manifold with their remote control (see the link in the signature below) and it’s been working well.

I can step out and visually level my truck, or do a remote dump and scare people :slight_smile:


I recommend a pressure regulator on a dedicated tank output for the bags. Horns can drain a tank so you might need something to keep enough pressure in the tank.

Maybe a dual tank setup with a check valve in between? If you do it right you could use only 1 for honking but both for the air bag system. Just an idea, it would take some planning on how to hook everything up.

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It would probably be rare that you would be using the horns AND the bags at the same time so 2 gallons would most likely be sufficient enough for each application. You would probably have to add a T fitting to give you an extra port off the tank to then run a separate line to the bags. Then integrate your switch weather it be manual or electric. We have the helper bag kits here. They are sold as a kit correlating to the specific vehicle make and model. They come with a schrader valve fitting that you would remove and plumb into your existing air system.

I plan on dropping in a regulator for the line running to the bags, but for now it’s just a 1/4 inch electric valve that opens via a signal from the manifold. From there, the manifold just directs which bag gets air. If I need to air down the bag(s) the manifold controls that on it’s own and the air exits the manifold.

Big props to AirLift for making this whole process a much easier solution.


A question to MarineOne, if I may. You mentioned a remote dump. Since I am fairly new at this (I at one time had just the horn system mounted on the roof of my SUV and only used them) I want to now install a horn system AND a rear leveling system on my Nissan Altima so I can better tow a utility trailer. Can you explain a “remote dump”? I might have experienced one once when a vehicle behind me did it (a loud “PSSSSH” sound) and then the truck drove off, slightly lower than before, but I never was looking in his direction to see anything escape, or see him going down, just the loud noise of air escaping. Would that have been a “dump”, whether remote or not? Thanks, Dude.

So the loud “PSSSH” sound is the air bags dumping out into the atmosphere, and that’s controlled by whatever is being used to air up/down the air bags.

Now a remote tank dump is when you put an air line and electric valve on the bottom port of the tank. This way, you hit a switch and drain the water and gunk from the tank versus climbing under your vehicle to get to the tank and spinning open a petcock. You don’t get dirty from the crap that sprays out, and it makes for a good scare if you’re in close quarters when the horns would hurt someone’s ears more than scaring them.


I can confirm this. Once I accidently tripped my safety blow-off. Damn that scared the sht out of me :eek:

I have a solenoid that I use to release the water from the tank! Is proper funny at bus stops!:wink: luckily I don’t get much of a build up of water/condensation as I am always passing bus stops lol lol ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I once had a pressure switch fail & I used to fill the tank by watching the gauge and switching the main switch to the compressor, until one day I had a blonde moment and forgot to look at the gauge, bare in mind the 5gallon tank was right behind my seat at head level, there was a sudden loud crack & lots of whoosing noise and the cab was like have its own hurricane inside, I defo changed my pants when I got home!:smiley:

Oh wow did the tank crack or any other component?:eek: or you had a safety blow off

Yeah sorry mate, meant to say, the safety valve operated at around 175psi, scared the crap out of me!!! At first I was it a total state of confusion, especially when little beads of ice were popping about all over the place!! Hahahaha