Adding train horn to air ride system

I currently have an AirLift suspension on my 2011 Mustang & I am wanting to add a train horn to it. I am hoping to use part of what I have already. I am using a 148lb tank with duel Viair pumps. I wont have trouble replenishing the air at all. I also use 2 water collectors with drain between the pumps and the tank. The tank have plenty of available port to use to run the air out.

Has anyone done a setup like this or know of one I can check out online?

Yes, I did try to use the search on here before asking this question.

You shouldn’t have any problems running a train horn off of that at all! :smiley: Just make sure you have either a 3/8 or 1/2 inch ports on the air tank. Also Might add if you purchased just the horn, you might want to consider either a manual valve or an electric Valve of your choice size. Unless the horn came with one then you are set. :slight_smile:

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Yes indeedy, it will work perfectly:D

Don’t look at the PSI of the tank, but how much air it holds in gallons. I had a Firestone kit on my truck, and most of the AirLift kits will have a small tank … usually under 1 gallon.

This might be the only part you’ll need to replace, along with finding room for at least a 2 gallon tank using the Shockers or the Conductor’s Special.


Thanks for the replies guys. The AirLift kits uses a 5 gallon tank with 8 ports.

Any recommendations of what to go with? I have room behind my grille for mounting or a bit of room in engine compartment, but couldnt do a massive 5 horn set-up.

You’ve got some options …

You could do the Shocker XL horns, or you could do a K3LA and then get the manifold delete for it.

Really it depends, at this point, whether you want a real train horn or something that sounds just as good for a bit less in costs.


Wow!!! Car Porn…Nice:D

If I were you I’d go with the Shockers, they are lighter than any of the K series horns and can be mounted where ever they fit. :smiley:
Or do what Marine One said and get individual manifolds for super loud K3’s.

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I second that… what an awesome ride. Love the rims.
I’ll also put in a another vote for the S4 Shockers (go the XL series with 1/2 feeder line and solenoid). Loud has hell and far more flexibility to get them mounted.