Advice needed on my setup please

Hello everyone.
I am hoping that someone could please give me some advice on how I can make my horn setup louder than what it currently is. The setup I’m running is: an old compressor cylinder that I’m using as a receiver tank. This goes into an electric over air switch, to x2 airchime train horns (high and low notes). The hose I’m using has a 8mm (5/16) ID. I usually put 100psi pressure into the setup.

I have been using this setup with x1 of the airchime horns for a few months, and last night I put the second horn on and even though it sounds really good, I think it might actually be quieter.

Any help would be excellent! Thank you

Half inch ID hoses will help, and you should be at 120 - 150 PSI.

This is mine. 175 PSI, 10 gallon tank, manual valve.


Thank you! Will upgrade the hose for sure. I think I may have found the main reason… I drilled and tapped new threads into the horns. Damn. I put 1/4 threads into them. Looks like the first thing is to get the holes back to 1/8 diameter… does this sound correct?

At this point I would use some thread sealer or PTFE tape to seal them and just go from there.