Ahh...can't wait.

Just purchased my kit and Garrett recommended this site. I got the Shocker 240 kit and I am stoked. Obviously I wanted the Nathan horns…but that’s a bit too pricey for me. Anyways, I’m out to search a few threads to see what you guys have done. Oh yeah, mine will be going on this:

Pic of the custom tag…lol

I am hoping my dad will order one for his whittle Dodge.


The painted wheels look good. Welcome to the forum

^thank you. I miss my old car but it kept breaking on me. :frowning: So I bought something more reliable that wasn’t under 18psi, N20 & meth. lol.


what might that have been? pics?

U got the s4 right? those are sweet men i got two set of those and they are loud as honk!!!

welcome nice truck

welcome! sweet ride, i run the shockers myself

Since you asked:

i wanted train horns on that but i pissed away my money on engines. :frowning:


thats my business in the background.


nice ride men…

that ***** is bad

welcome. sweet mustang, too bad you let it go.

yup nice donkey mustang

Train horns are better. haha

train horns are a luxury item, a car is a necessity (at least it is here in CA)

nope horns come first… you have to pick a car that they will fit on lol

Technically they could fit on any car… roof mount. Its just a plus for them to be hidden