Air Bags

I do alot of camping, pull a large camper.Would I gain anything buy putting rear airbags to help out?
Attached is my camper…

Best person to respond to this would be scaredu

rear airbag setup would make it alot easier on height positioning for ur camper when pulling it…push of a button and u can raise and lower ur camper… it will also be easier on the wear and tear of ur rear suspension…

does ur rear suspension drop alot when u load the camper on?

Aside from this note… Hornblasters actually carrys bolt in rear load leveling kits for most all trucks. So please contact us if you would like more information …


The rear drops about an Inch, more if I’m loaded with firewood…

We got bags on all of are big big army vehicles and the guys at the shop like to make launching platforms off of them…

X2 - you may see better handling and control of your trailer too.

Bag your tow rig. You’re gonna love it.

I’ve got an '08 Ram 3500 that pulls my 26 foot Keystone Energy toyhauler/RV, and I had my dealer put the Firestone Ride Rites on it before they delivered my truck. My only regret is I didn’t know about the AirLift system with the wireless controller. I’ve got a single gauge with dual needles for my bags and the gauge went south on me with a slow and steady leak on just one side, and I couldn’t find it. Used the warranty and they replaced my gauge, but I don’t like the look it has inside my cab because it’s an ugly install.

So I plan on keeping the bags and most of the plumbing, and simply upgrading to a better compressor and tank so I can run my K5 and use the AirLift WirelessAIR wireless controller and valves on the bags.

If you’ve got a diesel truck, PacBrake makes an exhaust brake and compressor setup you can tie in with bags … but since I’ve got an exhaust brake already I passed them up.


im thinking to switch from hydraulics to air bags on my 95 fleetwood… i dont know much about air bags but i hear its a better ride less weight and maintaining… how hard is it to do and what all do i need what set up is the best

its a piece of cake on a fleetwood, you just need 4 bags, as where i need 2 rear and 2 front strut bags

AirLift makes both types of bags (springs and struts) so you might want to check them out.


there’s also Mac’s Springs & Suicide Doors.