air comp install

on the Viair 480c do they have to be mounted in the up right position? also for the amps of the comp and distance i’m running the power wire the chart says I should run AWG 8 but coming out of the comp factory is AWG 10 what do ya guys think go with 10 or 8. if i go 8 should i open the compressor and change the factory wire also?

its not a life changing decision man just run what the factory did and if you even run the 8 i dont think itll make much of a differance

Always mount upright if you can, its best for the pump.
The compressors don’t have 4 gauge coming out of them because they are intended to be mounted as close to the battery as possible. If you have a long wire run from the compressor to the battery, use 4 gauge and a distribution block. Don’t forget to run a relay with each compressor.