Air flow problems

So i had my k3la installed a few months ago and everythings been going great until about a week ago.
by the way: i have a 5gal tank, dual 480cc compressors, mounting brackets with 1/2 air line in to the brackets, 3/8 air line to the horns from the brackets (hope that makes sense). 110/145psi pressure switch.
the problem is that sometimes not enough air is going to the horns. i could tell because not only does it sound kinda pathetic but i could honk a lot before the compressors kick on again. at first i thought one bell wasn’t working… now that i think of it im still not 100% sure but def thinking the main problem is airflow. its just not loud at all.
also, i dont remember the exact solenoid valve i have but im thinking thats where the problem is if theres not enough air going to the horns.

also, i never thought this would be a problem, i still don’t think it is… but you never know. my solenoid valve is strapped to one of the compressor lines to the tank by zip ties. however, i only have a 5gal tank… and two compressors. i dont think the line ever gets hot enough to have any negative effect on the solenoid valve… but you never know. theres a pic of this setup in my albums.
so… any suggestions? Thanx in advance

My first guess would be the solenoid as well. Double check you’re getting good voltage to it with a multi-meter. If not, you might need a relay to ensure it gets good power.
If its not a power issue, it may either have debris lodged inside it, or (hopefully not) have been damaged. I wouldn’t imagine that heat was the problem though. Pretty much every valve we have can handle over 120 degrees F.

Beyond that the only thing that would make sense would be debris lodged in the manifold, base of the trumpets, or somewhere in line to them.

Hope this helps some and good luck!

im pretty sure theres no debris in anything. most my setup is inside the car and just the bells are outside.
im really thinking its the solenoid too now. my dad has a multi meter so ill be checking the voltage soon
what about cold weather though? i started noticing it wont work very well in the morning, after sitting outside in the cold all night… but when using my horn after its been baking in the sun its like 50/50; some good blasts, some weak. but i dunno. i live in northern california and it doesn’t get THAT cold

When is the last time you drained your tank? Maybe there is enough water in there that you aren’t getting the same air pressure that you are used to… I’m not saying there will be THAT much water in a 5 Gal tank… but if you don’t drain it…

I believe whats trying to be said that. Scale from the tanks internal walls or water build up in the valve. That will make the plunger stick or pass slightly. Should be able to take head apart. and pull plunger and spring. I had a crapped up solenoid valve body from a piece of rust and teflon tape. Some might have a screen.

Good luck

Solenoid, or there is dirt in the 1/2 line.

thats what i whas thinken sir

ya k.
pretty sure its the solenoid now
thanx ya’ll

I just grazed over the answers, so I hope someone already mentioned this…

You mention two sizes of air line in your post. You should be running all 1/2 inch line, as well as a 1/2 inch valve to keep from bottle necking air flow from the tank to valve to horn…

well i purchased the separate mounting brackets off farmer69. its 1/2 from the tank to the valve. 1/2 from the valve to the bracket manifold. then 3/8 going to the horns from the manifold. i dunno. if the airflow was being messed up from that i think there would’ve been problems right after installation…right?
now im hearing it might be my push button anyways… :confused:

edit: confusing wording

Ever figure it out?

I think I’d want at least a 1/2" hole from the tank to the horn every step of the way. Real train horns eat massive volumes of air. I have a 3/4" hole from the tank to the horn manifold, just to make sure. I used to have 1/2" line, but the push fittings had these little octagon-shaped orifices in them, and replacing them with the 3/4" rig made a difference.

Ok, the line size is fine, I’m running 1/2" line to the valve and then 3/8" line to the rest of my horns and they all sound fine. I’m running two 1/2" lines to my K3 which drops to a 3/8" to the air manifold. I don’t think it would be your push button unless you have a short someplace and the valve isn’t getting all of the supplied power you are sending it (some of it is dumping off to ground leaving a small amount of current going to the valve which doesn’t have the required power to fully open it). Or the valve itself has burned up and isn’t opening properly.

yes, i figured it out. it was the valve. the plunger wasn’t opening all the way. it was sticking. undid the airline and sprayed some wd40 in it for now and its loud as ever again :slight_smile: ima get a lightweight oil soon instead.

i dunno if anyone’s interested in seeing it, but here’s a link to a vid of what it looked like before i sprayed wd40 in it. i had someone trying to honk the horn while i used my cellphone to film the valve.

and n2ocharged, what do you mean by burnt up? could mine possibly be that? i just have a cheapo valve i think. i dunno exactly whats wrong with it… but i know that wd40 fixed it for now

Wow that is a cheapy. At least you got it working.