air kit on a 99 Yeep Wrangler

ok, if anyone knows a good way to mount this stuff w/o it being in the vehicle that would be great…

the only thing i can think of is have the compressor under the hood and add line to the leader hose and put the tank uver the driver seat(underneath the jeep that is). This seems to be the only option i can think of at the time and i dont want it inside becuz there isnt that much room as it is so i want anything available inside left that way…thanks!

Tank and compressor under drivers seat, or as you described.

Viair and Oasis both have frame mounting brackets. If mounted there, the air intake filter must be moved to a dry location and the best place for that is inside the cab or tied into the jeeps air intake. That would be even better if your jeep has a snorkel.

dosent look like he has a snorkel… so dan in order to keep it dry and clean he would have to run a line inside? from the air intake?

got a pic or link to check out the brackets? I could always put the compressor inside i guess, in the back. But with them getting as warm as they do i’d hate to see it melt anything that might slide up next to it or fall over onto it.

I sold my old horns recently and am looking to get the S4’s for $250 and it comes with the valve and the line needed to get them to where i would want them its just hoping i can get the 4 of them under the hood, lol.

I may make a bracket that holds them to the support bars under the hood and have a shut off set-up under there also so if engine work needs to be done they wont be in the way(can be removed), but im still up in the air about it all on the install

Yes, or run it into the vehicles air intake.

I dont have a compressor yet, but when i do, it’ll be in the space behind my tail lights.
My tanks sits in the trunk area. I’ll end up making a ‘cargo box’ for it eventually

welcome to the forum, as long as the air intake filter is inside the vehicle where it won’t get wet, you should be fine.

Tanks work well mounted under the vehicle if you have the room and want to save space inside.