air leaks

i had my 540xl kit installed today everything went well except for some leaks i am dropping psi pretty fast i found it to be the relief valve the drain valve and 2 of the closed ports… they did use teflon tape as suggested but on those 4 metal plugs there was a reddish color stuff painted onto them did they need to use the teflon tape… did they use to much and now it isnt screwing in tight enough or possably to little teflon tape ?

first off make sure they are tightened down… if tightening them dosent work, drain your tank completly, remove them , remove the tape and re tape them or use loc-tite and put them back in…

If there is redish stuff on tape, i would imagine someone used loctite on top of the teflon tape which is not gonna help…
To confirm those are the leaks, you can take a spray bottole , fill w/ water and add teaspoon of soap… shake it well, then spray any and all ports / fittings / plugs / etc… When you find the leaks as you allready found some (but i bet theres more)… do like seven said, Drain tank first and then i personally would use loctite 545 on the threads… thats what i used on my setup and any threads i applied it to , are completely leak free !

I think what he was saying was there is reddish stuff on the threads, and they used the teflon tape

I used teflon tape and don’t seem to have any leaks. The key is knowing how to use it properly.

I just wrapped a ton of it on the threads and let it do its thing… I hold at 136psi for about 2 days, and then I blow the horns…

Some fittings come with a thread sealer already on them (the red stuff). They shouldn’t need anything else. When using Teflon tape, it’s been known that pieces can get into your system which is not good.

We always recommend Loctite!