Air Line Anti-Freeze?

OK Guys, got a problem here…
Im new to the forum and live in southern michigan and it hit down in the teens last night! I had to take my truck in to get the windshield replace(damn pea-stoned roads) and started my truck and let it run before leaving and after about 5-7 mins of running went out and the compressor was still running, looked at the gauge and it said 100psi and wasnt moving so i pulled the fused, honked the horns(still work) and the gauge moved so i know everythings good up to there.
Picked up my truck and put the fuse back in(they had the truck inside all-day) and it worked again, and went up to pressure like its suppose to. SOOOO, im guessing there might have been moisture in the air line or on the check valve and froze it shut…

Does anyone recommned anything or even use anything if they live in a cold environment or what? I hate to have it to this every time now that its cold out!

Put a small cap full of anti freeze in ur tank…mini truckers use anti freeze every winter to keep their lines from freezing

i pretty sure anti-freeze freezes without water being added, thats why your coolant in your car is a 50/50 mixture…i was thinking more along the lines of the Air Line Anti-Freeze that semi trucks use unless thats what your talking about?

yes im talkin about air line antifreeze… can get it at any trucker store

same exact thing happened to me today… except i hit the switch for the compressor and turned it off! Last winter i learned my lesson , i didnt want to have to keep jumping in and out of the truck bed every morning to disconnect relay… so i simply put a switch on the relay remote lead wire and when i hit it, it dosent let power to go the relay which turns on compressor.

btw- i’d be worried about adding anything to the tank which could eat away at the diaphragm in the valve! The last thing u want is that diaphragm to develop a hole or tear in it… ive had that happen and the result is pissed off neighbors , and a empty tank of air. hahahaha

yea, i bet but im not gonna run it through my whole system just mainly from the compressor through the braided line to get rid of water that may be sitting in that part of the air line cuz everything upfront still works fine so i dont want to piss with that stuff just yet.

But i just got off the phone with Lance and he said that removing the leader hose from the compressor will void my warrenty so at this point im not ready to void it so i’ll prolly do as he said and empty the system and put some down in the bottom of the tank and let it sit to draw out the moisture hopefully

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The company policy is that anytime you remove a leader hose that was factory installed, you void your warranty. Since the compressor is oil-less, we recommend that you NEVER add any liquid of ANY KIND to the compressor. Dumping some air brake anti-freeze into the leader hose would void your warranty since you disassembled the unit, and may harm any rubber o-rings in the system (I’m not privy to the ins & outs of long-term exposure of this fluid to rubber seals, so I can’t comment on it).

I can recommend that those with compressors out of warranty upgrade their units by changing out to the new style of leader hose, which is PTFE lined. These come with a separate check valve, so you can service the check valve separately of the leader hose.


P/N 92789 - 20" PTFE leader hose with separate check valve and adaptor (1/4" NPT fittings) - retrofits all 280C, 350C, 380C, 400C, 450C

P/N 92790 - 24" PTFE leader hose with separate check valve and adaptor (3/8" NPT) - retrofits all 420C, 480C, and is OE for new 490 series compressors

oh yea!!! my buddy just called and said he was gonna swing up with the air line anti-freeze that they had and couldnt sell cuz it was a partial bottle and is giving it to me so we’ll have to see how this all works out…

^^ Just listen to Lance bud. He is the ViAir Lord. People should pay for this information in gold and rubies. lol
Good luck with everything.

ok, i have a pic but not sure how to post them up on here w/o having it somewhere but this is a AIR LINE ANTI-FREEZE and LUBRICANT made for air systems with o-rings and so on…I’ll add a new PIC ALBUM and put them in there if anyone wants to read what it says on the bottle if they are also interested

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if i would have hit the GO ADVANCED i would have found the MANAGE ATTACHMENTS like i wanted if i was smart enough, lol!

But here is a link to the info from the Manu. website on the anti-freeze
Air Brake Link

lance , what would you recommend to do to get a compressor working when it is 25 degrees out? mine does this same thing where it will just run and not fill becasue of the cold…

i wonder if i got some 2" insulation board with the foil backing and built a box out of it to put over the compressor if it would keep it warmer…

when i talked to him he recommened a guy in canada to put his compressor under the hood and have it on a swtich so once the engine compartment warmed it all up then he could flip the switch on the pump to refill but im sure he prolly has other good ideas too

well i was able to fill my tank today after my truck sat in the sun for 4 hours when i was at work. still only 26 degrees out but the black tonneau warms up great which warmed the bed up for the compressor to thaw enough. I’m reall thinking the 2" insulation board made into a box to put over the compressor might work…

If you put an insulated box around it, wouldn’t it act as a refridgerator after several below freezing days? Seems like it would get cold in there and then be slower at warming back up inside than the air outside. Remember not to leave the filter inside there if you do it.

well i would definately need to mount the extension filter on it … but my thought was the compressor heats up pretty quick to if it was cold in there it would heat the box up quick instead of that lost heat escaping into the rest of the bed…

Yeah that makes sense. If you do it and it works let me know! My brothers compressors are doing the same thing.