air line size


I cant locate any 1/2 barbed fittings here, so forced to go with 3/8" & 1/4" ones for my setup.

BUT the question I had was, the 6" of filter hose that came with my 480C, is that the same air line that they sell here?

I wont be using it for remote location of my filter so was curious if it could be used for the horn hoses.

Also, the ID is about 3/8". Is this all thats required for the 1/2 valves and horns like shockers? Or is there another larger size?

( The HB 1/2 line shows Outer Diameter 1/2 in, so inside would be about 3/8"? so I use 3/8 fittings for this?)

The 3/8 hose shows Outer Diameter 3/8 in Inner Diameter 1/4 in

So when referencing the 1/2 hose needed on some horns and valves, the outside is 1/2" and inside would be about 3/8"?


The tube for the air inlet is probably not pressure rated. It’s just a wimpy tube for drawing in air (suction).

The tubing Hornblasters sells is DOT tubing - measured by the OD. So yes the ID is smaller. IDK if 1/2" tube would work over a 3/8" barb. That hard tubing is not meant to stretch.

Barbs are usually meant for hose which is measured by the ID.

Perfect! Just wanted to make sure I am installing the right tubing so wont need to replace down the road when I get bigger horns or eventually get a k5la under her :wink:

Then you want 1/2" tubing (OD) minimum.
Some guys do 1/2" ID for an upgrade with the Nathans.
That would be 1/2" hose or 5/8" DOT tubing.

Thanks :slight_smile: