Air line to compressor won't stay on

Hi guys, I’ve been running the HornBlasters 228VX kit on my Lexus IS350 for about a year or so now, and recently, the air line going to the compressor has come loose, and for the life of me, I can’t get it to stay secure and pressurize the tank without blowing off and causing the compressor to continue running.

I’ve tried relocating & repositioning the compressor so as to take all the “bend” and stress away from the direct connection to the compressor’s outlet, but even after really making sure the air line is over the fitting and then screwing down the locknut, it will almost fill the tank, then blow off.

Any tips on securing this thing before I JB Weld the son of a b****? :smiley:

So you do not have a lead hose on your compressor with a 1/4" fitting??

No, my kit didn’t come with that. I’m straight-up connecting the black air line to the compressor; when I installed everything, I thought that seemed weird, because the connection was pretty poor. Now it’s just decided to come off & stay off. I’ve tried cutting off a bit of the air line to get a “fresh” connection to the compressor, but to no avail.

I assume you’re meaning something like this: ?

you will need that line. surprised the black hose lasted that long. usually it melts coming from the compressor. when you get that line. remember its hand tight then 1 full turn. otherwise it breaks the check valve inside it

Take a photo of the line and connection you are having problems with. We may have something else that may work for you better.

Welcome to the forum! Most of those compressors come with a stainless steel braided leader hose and check valve but see what Rigo has to offer.

Don’t know how the internals of one of them push to connect fittings work, but maybe the heat melted something. If your compressor is close maybe you could use a short run of copper line with a check valve to your tank? It may be cheaper than buying the Viair leader plus S&H. Just an idea…

Pictures? I’m all confused:confused:

If its the nylon line coming out of the tank through a push-in fitting, try trimming the end of the hose so you have a nice clean end and push it back in. Sometimes they can wear the outer side of the hose and either won’t seal or get crimped by the locking ring inside the fitting.

[Edit] Sorry… Just read the post again and realized you tried that already. Maybe swapping it for a proper braided leader would be your best bet.

Sorry for the late response fellas - I appreciate the help. Turns out I don’t think I need a “leader” hose to connect the compressor itself to my tank, I had a slight misunderstanding as to what a leader hose was. I just need a solution to connect my air line (that runs to my solenoid/horns) to the compressor’s TANK itself. As it stands right now, I’m simply connecting the 1/2" line directly to the brass fitting on the tank itself, utilizing the small nut.

That has eventually worked itself loose & will not “re-seat” onto the brass fitting, and the hose will pop off under pressure once the tank is pressurized.

Picture of where I’m connecting the air line:

Did you use a brass sleve and insert? I have used these with the 1/2" DOT plastic line at 200 PSI without a failure.

Part # 60 Brass sleeve and part # 461 from this web link:


I don’t - nothing like that came with my kit. I’ll get those parts & that should definitely work out. Thanks!

I suggest the “DOT Push Fittings” section with 1/2" DOT tubing. They work great if the tubing is cut square and clean.

Your local hardware store should have compression fittings to fix your problem, from the pic that’s what it looks like you have.