Air lines into ur truck w/ manual valve

Well I just got a set of Leslie supertyfon horns and a lot of guys r saying that elec valves can damage the horns. I was contemplating I the idea of running air lines into my truck but wasn’t sure about having that pressure inside all the time. Any ideas? Thanx and possible install pis would be great . Thanx so much for the help

Really no one has any input. Come on guys I need the input

A lot of people use them and I haven’t heard many complaints.

Don’t worry about the pressure - an airline isn’t dangerous. If a line completely blew it might be loud & flop around, but it isn’t going to explode.

I know there’re some pics floating around in some of the installs…

The air hose between the Valve and Horn absorbs the shock of the sudden rush of air when the valve opens.
If a solenoid valve is installed to close to the horn there is not enough distance/air volume to absorb enough of the shock before it reaches the Diaphragms.
If you have 6-10 foot of air line between the Valve and horn you should not have issues with the longevity of the horn at the PSI it was designed to be used at.
Too long of a line will cause the horn to be a little soft to start and finish.

Heres my install…

Thank you all or the great post

Does anyone have pictures of the air line going thru the floor or however you ran it into the truck?

Nice setup. I like the RR track decal, too!

Looking at my truck, I’m thinking about installing a GW valve next to the drivers seat, between the seat cushion and the door. Tight fit in a little ranger, but it will be almost invisible when the door is shut (smart thinking with the hat, by the way), completely out of the way & quick/easy to locate in a rush. Did you just drill through the floor, run the pipes, and mount some kind of bracket under the truck to hold it all snug? Maybe tack it in place with a welder? Curious how people are doing this.

I dont have any pictures , but on the other hand i simply drilled a very crude hole through the floor and sprayed sealed with paint . Because i didnt have a 3/4" or so drill bit i had to go 1/2" or 5/8" maybe and file the rest… And because the tube is going in on an angle, its more of a oval shape hole.
Ive seen a setup recently , not sure where but he went thru the bed and into the rear of the cab. This is what I should have done to avoid so many turns and bends.

Nice one. Don’t bump the handle huh? :slight_smile:

Theres nothing wrong with running a air line inside the passenger compartment. I ran a 3/4in O.D line from the back of my tahoe under the carpet up to the driver seat.

It was a pain in the oven to say the least. 3/4in line doesn’t flex much. I often wonder what better ways I could of done it.

If you want to run a line into the cab get a daystar firewall boot to make a nice seal.

I made a T shaped bracket with a bend in it and mounted to my seat frame. I found a knockout hole under my seat to bring the lines into the cab. Check it out -