Air lines

What would I gain from going to a larger air line? I’m happy with what I got…:confused:

if you went with larger line you need to go with a larger valve also, you would gain a little quicker hor responce and maybe a little more sound volume but the tone of the horn will change

Im thinking about doing this over my next break. change how? deeper or more train like? are you happy with your 1/2" line? just wondering. im also thinking about going to 200 psi what do you think about that?

it make it just a little bit higher pitched but with my 8 horns it kind of evens it out but it will be more abrupt like instant on no delay

ah. will it make it louder? or just more abrupt

it will make it a little louder

Id think it would make it louder twist but with the higher pitched tone could take away from the authentic sound.

idk its something to think about

if u go with a bigger air line and bigger valves, ur horn will sound louder… and lil deeper…
if u also add 200psi, ur horns will sound louder, and lil more high pitched… it wont be the “authentic” sound, but it will be loud as honk… and thats all i care about…lol

yea Ill probably end up doing it. probably around christmas time

lol…let ur parents buy the poop huh…lol

Ill have a job then. lol

lol… oh cool

its not like it would be super expensive. I just got my setup so it seems sort of silly to upgrade it already.

i upgraded mine the week after i got mine setup… soon as i seen 5/16 and 1/4 inch…i was like upgrading this sob…lol

haha thats great. I will have to eventually

not too expensive for u to just upgrade ur air line and valve… then sell ur old valve and air line if u wanted too…

I know its not expensive. even upgrading to 200 psi isnt too bad. lol one of these days ill do it

then after that ull upgrade to a k5la…lol

lol then a bigger tank. and a truck to fit the tank. then another set. ah its going to be amazing