Air Pump

Has anyone heard of or uses a air pump that is mounted on the front of the engine and is powered by the belt? A guy from Flint Mi. recommended that…

Its referred to as an EDC, or engine-driven compressor.
Typically, they are modified air conditioning compressors that use dino’ oil for lubrication as an open system, rather than refrigerant that carries the lubrication in an air conditioning application.

Sanden and York are the two most often used types, by Manufacturer.

I like my edc

should I go to an EDC?


Why arn’t preaching it here? and your posting 2 Oasis HP3000…

EDC are awesome… i want one… if u get an EDC u should def get a bigger tank…lol

Im getting dual 50 gallon tanks from firestone

Largest tank Firestone makes is the 19 gallon. Sorry big dog. On sale to forum members now for $170 . Only recommended for 4+ compressors , or one Oasis (available and onsale thru hornblasters now thru the end of the year, (call for pricing)) or EDC.

Fire stone is a metal workshop in corpus christi, texas…nothing with the actual firestone…its 2 words…sorry about that homie

where the hell are you going to put dual 50 gal tanks?

In the back of my bed…i dont use my bed and im going to buy a hardtop cover…