air source relocation

i was wondering if i could route the filter into my trucks actual air intake/air box behind the trucks air filter.
and if i did if i would still have to use the airfilter for the compressor.
i wouldnt mind useing it … i just dont want it to come off and get sucked into my engine :confused:

what ru tryin to do??

i’m not sure which compressor you have but we at Oasis tell people they can use a hose barb & 5/8" heater hose and tie it into their vehicle’s air intake system. that way you don’t have to remount the compressor’s filter in with the engine.

it should work just fine that way.

the second reply is what i was looking for thank you
and scaredu
… this is only my 2 time on this forum but ive seen you everywhere on here lol
… i thought you would know what i was talking about :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks danh@oasis

not sure why you would go to that much trouble to relocate you air intake but hey go for it i guess

yea i dont see the point in doin this…
someone might wanna explain the benefit of it

its a way to oasis to sell more airline lol


my main reason for relocating the air intake filter is to keep it dry. if the compressor is mounted outside of the vehicle and the filter gets wet enough, that moisture passes right through the compressor into your tank and eventually your bags, if you don’t have a moisture trap.

what vehicle do u have?

i just have an old '88 ford ranger, nothing fancy, just transportation, but i got it cheap for $800. haven’t hardley put any $ into it either.

what i’d really like is a 1968 dodge charger which was my first car

If its good enough for the US military, then its good enough for your ride.

Trust me… its the best way to route an inlet air filter assembly. Just make sure to use the air filter assembly on the inside of the air intake box. -Just in case a stone or something gets past the filter… which can happen. You don’t want that in your compressor…

haha nice
i have a 2001 ford ranger
i was thinking of doing this instead of relocating it into the cab of the truck so it would be even quieter.
if i was to put it in the cab it would be basicly behind my drivers seat in the space where the jump seat folds back into.

if i had a car i wouldnt bother, i would put it onto the trunk and be done with it but thats not the case.

i say move it to the cab, no rain gets in it and you dont have to worry about someone stealing it

cliff notes:
were talking about moving the air filter on the compressor right behind the air filter in the air box of my truck
not about moving the whole compressor any where

vehicle: 2001 ford ranger