Air System Write Up

It’s just too bad that nobody has done a real write-up on how to make all the air connections in a horn system. Some of are here to learn, but I can never find much useful information. I have everything I need except air lines and fittings and I can’t get a good answer from anyone on what is really the best to use.

most people use compression fittings, hornblasters uses/recommends them and i use them on all of my horns, its all preference i guess

compression fittings:

compression fittings are most popular and is what hornblasters includes in there s4 kit…

You can buy the push / lock fittings which are a lot easier to use and supposedly hold up great but i never used those on a air system that is pushing 150-200 psi

Somebody scan the article I did in MiniTruckin’ back in 2005, would ya?