Air tank and Compressor

I am new the the whole air horn scene, as well as this forum. :slight_smile: I need to pick some of your brains, and rely on some of your expertise.:cool: I was wondering if the hoosier tank HT 1200 was a good tank. I also was wondering what air compressor to run with it? Can I get away with one air compressor or do I need two? I want to run air bags and the air horn from the tank. Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated.


post a pic of the tank and what size it is

How many garrons? (Gallons?)

The compressor will depend on how often you want to blow your horns. The more CFM (cubic feet per minute) the compressor can produce along with its duty cycle (how long it can run for an hour), determines how often you can use the horns.

So again I say, how many gallons of air will you be storing.

For that matter, what type of compressor(s) do you plan to use?

haha… how many garrons


* 			12.0-inch diameter

* 			29.5 inches between center of mounting holes

* 			2850-cubic-inch capacity

I believe the total gallons are 12. I am not sure what brand of compressor to go with or the size. I plan on using the horns only when crazy people are around me. That being said, I am sure once I start playing with it who knows.
Sorry for the lack of info.


how much do you want to spend?

i have a 12 gallon tank and i have a k5la and airbags… its decent amount of air…

I’m not familiar with airbag requirements but as you stated the use of them and the horn off a 12 gallon tank. might I say a twin pack of 400c’s should serve your needs well. they are quick fills. their the ticket I’d say.:smiley: wow !:mad: I’ve been demoted to a damn conductor this sux! :frowning:

Scaredu, do I need to go with Dual 480 Viair, or can I just get away with one? I realize that this will effect the recovery time. I am more concerned about burning out the pump is that a possibility? I want to buy quality, however my budget is not unlimited. I was hoping it would be something that I could add in the future.

Thank you, 06BSPXR. could I buy one compressor, and then add one later? Or am I asking for problems.


I recommend dual 480s… It is a hassle for one pump to fill a 12 gallon tank esp if your gonna use airbags and horns… and if u use them as much as i use mine…
Also if u do 200psi then def. get dual compressors…

I would do 2 unless your low on funds. then I would do although it would take awhile to fill up with just 1 compressor.

Whether you’re low on funds or not… 12 gallons is 7 gallons too many for a single compressor to fill. Each pump is rated for a maximum of 5 gallons. At this rate, even two compressors are not enough to satisfy the basic rating. Air suspension put a LOT of stress on compressors, so not satisfying the basic 5 gallons per pump rule - is asking for a shorter duty life from the compressors.

If you can afford it, Hornblasters carries our Oasis compressors that can handle any size tank and fill it very quickly too. They can handle your airbags and a 1/2" impact wrench as well.

I guess it all boils down to:

Oasis Pros:
12 & 24-volt units available
Extremely fast operation
High CFM rating
No tank size limitation
Up to too 20 Max PSI (working pressure not mentioned)
Number of 100% Duty Cycle units available: 1

Oasis Cons:
Extremely high amp draw
Maintenance required. (Filter, oil changes, inspection)
Comparatively higher priced than alternative compressors ($1300+)

12 & 24-volt units available
Low price
Low CFM rating
Ease of installation
Low amp draw operation
Easily rebuildable
Up to 200 PSI working pressure available (150 also available)
Number of 100% Duty Cycle units available: 5
Lower priced than alternative units ($400 or less for a Dual Pack).

Air filter replacement is required as needed. (units come with free replacements).
Two compressors needed to fill volumes over 5 gallons.

Dan, please add to the list above if you would like.

Lance again thank you for spelling it out for me. I really appreciate you taking the time, for that all matter all of you that posted. Your opinion and knowledge is really appreciated.


Just a few adjustments to Lance’s Oasis data.

The XD3000 is 100% duty cycle @ 100 PSI in a 70 degree environment, like anybody is going to see those conditions, but will get extremely hot when run longer than 30 minutes at higher pressures. It will however continue to run as long as it has power but discharges oil faster when extremely hot.

The XD4000 can run at 200 PSI continuously with temperatures remaining under 350 degrees. We ran one for 10 hours straight at 200 PSI and it was still going strong when we stopped the test.

200 PSI is a working pressure because the compressor can actually achieve much higher. I have one customer running it at 240 PSI, although that’s not recommended and it voids the warranty.

Life expectancy should also be considered.