Air tank help

Well I got a ten gallon air tank from a big rig. I’m trying to set Up from my air system and can not find anything on line. Anyone help with what parts I need to set it up? I will be running 1/2in line to the horns mounted separately. Any help would be appreciated thanks

Do you have a compressor selected already? With 10 gallons you just need to keep in mind that most 12V compressors will only fill 5 gal, so you’ll have to look for a twin compressor kit or something like an Oasis. To install, you just need the basics:
[li]Air line
[/li][li]Fittings (get push-in type)
[/li][li]A pressure switch
[/li][li]A tank drain
[/li][li]A safety valve
[/li][li]An air solenoid or manual valve (if you’re running horns)
[/li][li]Wiring, fuses, switches etc.

If you have specific questions, fire away. There’s lots of help on here regarding just about any install topic.

I have all the stuff just need to get another compressor for but I want to set up everything. I’m using my stuff from my 2 gallon tank. It should all fit right?

Depends on the port size you had on the 2gal most would probably have 1/4". I’d guess the bigger tank will probably have 1/2" ports or maybe even larger. Stick to the 1/2" gear I reckon because it flows ample air for most big horns.

Could I order the parts from horn blasters?

For all the brass connectors, walk into a Lowe’s or Home Depot and go back to Plumbing.

Tell them you’re looking for brass NPT connectors that’ll fit your tank. Make sure you bring it along.

For the rest (air line and put in type fittings, pressure switch, tank drain, safety valve, an air solenoid or manual valve) can all be had from HB. Call them first, they do give discounts to forum members.

Wiring, fuses, switches, etc., can also be had from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace or Tru-Value Hardware, Napa, PepBoys, O’Reilly’s, AutoZone, etc…

Lay it all out first to figure out how you’re going to set it up. I highly recommend using relays with switches, and an electric valve to dump/drain the tank from the bottom port. There’s no mess, no fuss, you don’t get dirty, and you can scare the hell out of people with it, too.