Air tank setup / horns?

okay well i will be getting a dodge 3500 long bed dually. and i want to put 2 20 gallon tanks under neath the bed along with a set of K5LA and maybe some others i am not sure! how ever what do i need to fill up thoes tanks!!!

You need 8 Viairs or 1 Oasis XD3000. The XD3000 can fill 40 gallons from 0 to 150 PSI in about 7 minutes and top it off from 120 to 150 PSI in about 1.5 minutes.

The fill rates for Viair depends on the model.

Hornblasters carries both brands.

how much would yyou be looking for the correct viair or tthe oasis?

and on the oasis do i have to mount it in the cab? i would like to mount everything on the frame underneath of the truck

lol K5 and 40 gallons. I like the sound of it. A word of advice…Dont crap out on the compressor(s).

what you mean?buy a cheep set? I just want something good but that i can mount on the frame rail…

See what happens when you bring up VIAIR Dan?

Shall I set you up as a dealer? ROFLMAO

Believe me when I say you get more stuff with our compressors from Hornblasters than from us and I think they sell them for less too.

We have frame rail mounting brackets that are pre-drilled for the compressor but not the frame rail. Our compressors are oil lubricated and must be upright when running.

Mounting our compressor under the vehicle is not recommended in those areas where they salt the roads in Winter unless the compressor can be somewhat enclosed. This can be done by adding some extra protection around the compressor as long as it has some ventilation. Salt ages the compressor faster than normal as it does everything.

Regardless of whether Conroe, TX salts the roads or not, you’ll want to relocate the air intake filter to a dry location.

That may not be a bad idea so I can make a little money when customers want something smaller than ours…lol!

Just kidding, I have no problem supporting you and Hornblasters.

hmm so you are saying that i would pretty much put this compresser in the cab? or what. becasue i plan on having stacks on the truck :slight_smile: how ever i will hav3e a tool box on there but if the compresser is in a tool box and during the day the tool box gets hot wont that be bad for the compresser? I am trying to find out what all i need to do./…

Do they salt the roads in winter where you live? If not the compressor should be fine under the vehicle as long as it is protected against road bebris being thrown up from the wheels.

The XD3000 shouldn’t have any problems in a tool box if it has a little ventilation. If not then it might discharge oil a little faster as it gets hotter. It should be able to run 15 minutes inside the tool box without over heating. I only see that happening if you completely drain your 40 gallons more than 2 times, in succession. If that happens give it about 30 to 45 minutes to cool down.

what do most people do for your compressers?

Most of our customers are work trucks, service trucks or tow trucks and they mount them in utility compartments, tool boxes, or on the bed of the truck. They almost always have the compartment door or tool box open when they’re using them.

Stanley Bostitch mounts them inside a van where their technicians are testing their nail guns.

The air suspension people usually mount them in the trunk or under the vehicle.

okay mr.viair man come on i wanna hear about your products… i wanna choose… lol

also if i do get the oasis compresser what do i use as a pressure switch???

Any pressure switch that can handle 1 amp of current with a recommended differential, or as I sometimes call it “deadband”, of 30 lbs or more. The deadband is the difference between the stop pressure and restart pressure. The larger the deadband, the less starting and stopping the compressor has to endure, lengthening its life span. Ours is adjustable between 100 and 200 psi, with a 30 lb deadband, and comes set from the factory at 150.
We also recommend a check and unloader valve when the restart pressure is 150 PSI or more. This also extends the life of the compressor because the unloader valve releases the pressure from the compressor head making it easier to restart.

We also recommend a check and unloader valve when the restart pressure is 150 PSI or more. This also extends the life of the compressor because the unloader valve releases the pressure from the compressor head making it easier to restart.

Old post, but does Dan’s comment about unloader valves imply that as long as I am staying below 125# I don’t need an unloader valve?

Seems like it’s a good idea no matter what the pressures.

Do you guys use unloader valves in your setups?

40 gallons? LOL buy an engine driven comp!

It’s not necessarily needed when starting at 125 with the XD3000 but you’re right about it being a good idea anyway. Starting the compressor without a load will extend its life. Hornblasters includes a check/unloader valve and a leader hose with each XD3000.

Filling 40 gallons is a piece of cake for an XD3000.

oh dude dont get it from the states its b if you want i might be able to get you a steel 48cui 3000psi tank if your interested…i think my friends selliung for for like 100 its pretty much new…pm me if your interested

why do u want 2,20gallon tanks…thats alot of air…and a 20gallon tank probably wont fit under the truck…much less 2…plus a k5.thats crazy talk…1oasis,20gal tank,k5la is perfect in my mind