Air Tank Sizes

I just ordered and received two Airlift 5 gallon tanks. They looked small for 5 gallons. So the Measurements are 6" x 36" which calculate out to 1020 cubic inches. Divide that by 269 inches in a Dry Gallon and it only comes to 3.8 gallons. How can they advertise these tanks as 5 gallons when they clearly are not?


I calculate 4.4 gallons, but still… I hear what you’re saying, my AZ tanks were the same way.

4.4 is what I get from 1020 ci using liquid gallons.

Here is the Airlift 5 gallon tank web page. The dimensions are not even close to the OP’s tank.

If they were 4.75+ gallons, I could see rounding up to 5. But they are not even 4.5 gallons.

These are the tanks I purchased:


Yeah, I don’t get it. Seems wrong.

Complain or send them back? Surely you can’t sell a Zebra that’s advetised as a Zebra & it turns up as a Shetland pony?