air tank suggestions

ok i got a set of klienn train horns mounted right behind the grille facing down on my 90 bronco. ive got a 3/4’’ id supply hose going from the back to the front then splitting off into 1/2’’ hose that goes to the 2 horns. i was thinking of getting a 8 1/2’’ gal tank with 1/2’’ ports(biggest i can find). will this be ok?

that will be fine for those horns

3/4 sounds like overkill for those horns. In fact its overkill for authentic horns like Airchimes. You will have plenty of air with that, just make sure you get a good compressor setup to match.

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I have to agree with Tiernan, 3/4" might be overkill. It does add to your overall volume but the air flow will be restricted by the smallest fitting, hose, or port on your compressor. That restriction might be the horn itself.

Your tank size should be determined by your compressor.