Air tank with only 1 hole?

I have a 5 gallon air tank that is basically used for “portable air” (only 1 hole in the tank). In this single hole is a “T” fitting. The input side of the “T” has what I can best describe as a bicycle tire valve on it, obviously used to fill the tank with air from a separate compressor. Coming out of the other side of the “T” is a quick disconnect fitting that you can hook a standard air compressor hose to.

I understand that I will most likely have to replace this “T” fitting with something different, but my main question is if a tank like this can be setup in anyway to use with an air horn system. Can the compressor be filling the tank while the horns are drawing air from it as well, via the same hole? Thanks in advance for any help with this!

I wouldn’t… you’d have t-fittings attached to t-fittings and God only knows what else. Not good for flow, plumbing, or much else. A decent tank would not cost much and you won’t end up doing, and re-doing the setup over and over again. You won’t be pleased with the setup if you go this route.

also those tanks are not rated for but like 110-120 psi

I made a tank out of a freon tank, it only has one port too. but ill change to something different.

Ive used a portable 5 gallon tank before as a portable horn stand…and it held only 110 psi…

I’m using an ex-fire extinguisher tank right now, rated to 200psi. works just fine but I’m just using a truck air horn so it doesn’t need that much air flow. will upgrade the tank to something better sometime in the future.

pics plz?

I don’t have a decent pic right now. will take a few shots this weekend and post 'em.

here are some pics of my air setup…

you can see the pressure transducer at the orange hose and solid state pressure switch at the back of the compressor.

drilled the ball valve body and threaded it to fit a tire valve for air inlet and the pressure gauge. outlet is the yellow hose.

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