Air valve -6 ft from horns?

Im currently planning my install. I live in Germany where freezing temps and snow falls from Nov - Feb. My valve is rated at -5deg celcius - 100deg celcius

I know most people say to mount an electric air valve as close as possible to the horns to minimize delay. I was hoping to install the valve inside my toolbox along with the compressor/tank. That way the heat from the compressor can keep my valve warm. The line would be routed out about 6 ft to my horns. Right where the spare tire mounts. Should i or not?

Anybody that has tried this can you attest to the delay. Is it horrible or what?

It’ll be fine. My valve (which is a manual valve) is around 5 feet from my horns.

My manual valve is 12 ft from my horn an 13’ from my air tank. Sounds great either way. On our utv we have an electric valve exactly 7’ from the horn and it sounds just like a manual valve. Instead of an instant blast. You will just have to hold the button twice as long to get the flow good.

they say to have the valve right there so it is crisp / instant 100% volume… but you can easily have it far away and still get great results.

I have my tank in bed… 5/8" line snaked down in frame then up into cab to the manual valve… Then from valve down into frame, up thru engine compartment, to grill, and split to horns… There is quite a bit of line with all those turns and mine sounds great.

thanks guys, im gonna go ahead and do it and i will update on how it is.

Sorry I haven’t responded sooner …

I live in Idaho, so we see below freezing temps. I have two electric valves, one for dumping the tank (water build up) and a second for my AirLift manifold for my airbags.

I have yet to have anything freeze up on it, so you should be good :slight_smile: